September 23, 2009

Thanks. Much.

Semicolon on the mass-transit bus:
a working man’s punctuation.
Night-shift in the logic of proofs?
Moonlighting in scientific notation?
No, no, just a little instructional clarification.
Throw your trash away; bins have been provided.

September 14, 2009

Sock Monkey Days

She sat
12 minutes into work
hungry for sock monkey days
homesick for milky teas
and excesses of blankets
and musty stacks of paper
losing their bindings to the woes of time
she sat
13 minutes into reality
but awash in Xanadus
constructed of rain and tent forts
and erstwhile memories
of small-fingered ways

September 7, 2009

But I like turtles!

A while ago I started this turtle with the big goal of “Write something. Anything.” If the smatterings of randomness that I’ve posted have proved anything, it’s that I’ve met that particular goal. Now, I’ve got a new goal and a new—I’ll just say it—blog. Because it’s going to be a blog. It’s going to be one of those bloggy blogs that people write. It’s not going to be called a turtle and feature the erstwhile adventures of ravens and/or random musical postings. It’s going to have a clear, organized point. God-of-your-choosing help me, it’s a blog. Sigh.

For continued nonsense see Bones. For bloggy blogness, see Anne Evolves.

It promises to be somewhat focused writing. We’ll see how long this experiment lasts.