March 22, 2007

Some St. Patrick

I twist in the hangover
of my most recent imprisonment—
a time spent telling stories
to no one but me—
and critically observing
the finest details of fauna:
this is you, this is me,
this is us under the sky.
I walk the oft-named wilds
and watch my muscles
move beneath my skin
as I determinedly preach devotion—
the way and the world it would be.
This is the thing,
this is the where,
this is me
—some St. Patrick flailing at the pagans,
a path uneasily taken.
The fool’s sacrifices are
bravely made in stubbornness
(but I wanted to have
meaningful relationships
with those snakes!);
still, at some point,
even a lost disciple must realize
the Druids are too absorbed
by their stony calendars
to find sustenance in the sun.
This is the light,
this is the dark,
this is where they both reside.
My hands are bloody,
my feet are scarred,
and in the weeds:
the infinite,
—and, if I’m lucky—

March 15, 2007

First Impressions

In some other lifetime,
I smelled like you the next morning.
My heart beat the extra for the walking away.

Once another fall,
the sunlight felt like this,
as I listened to me move within your house.

In a parallel universe,
you leaned in,
and I followed thinking we were going somewhere.

March 10, 2007

Even better than…

When I meet him, there he’ll be
the big him with the little “h”
for the capital “R” kind of relationship
—a boyfriend by any other designation.
We will have survived our second and third impressions,
slogged through the realities of us,
and successfully emerged in a world
where I can wear that shirt again
and he can introduce me without U.N. translators.

March 4, 2007

Quote of the Day

“You’re a woman! We shouldn’t be enemies!”
—Wonder Woman

The Cold Front

A slight shift of kilter,
unable not to touch.
Inexpertly turning away—
pads press through paper,
fingernails carelessly scrape—
A forced acknowledgment
in banter obliged,
yet sincerity unacknowledged
and rejection implied.