July 21, 2009

this particular ghost

she’s planning when
she should forfeit this particular ghost
broken lines on the upper hand
and spooky Tarot card readings
trump binary logic
and PhD machinations
any day (now)
Casper put aside
she resigns herself to country music
and condescending stares from behind the pearls
See you on the flipside,
I’ve got a moon to shoot.

July 12, 2009

Wooo! Ahwoooooooooo

Create a setting:
two years revisited
My life was interesting when…
sleepless yearnings caused daytime delusions
On my summer vacation I…
kept wakeful considerations as pets
I like it when…
retrospective retroaction remains unresponsive
Clap your hands if you…
are currently experiencing déjà vu and are gonna do it again
Describe a character in one sentence:
Referring to previous obligations obliquely, she coquetted her way out of another fine mess.

July 9, 2009


waking up with want
—tattoo, puppy, tea—
erstwhile ravens
succeeded by werewolves
—no, no, no, I love geckos, really—
it’s all the scar tissue
it’s makes me feel
less broken
smudged maybe
and tacos
still a little more option b

July 2, 2009