August 1, 2008

Favorite Way to Waste Time on a Friday: TAG!

Lee posted another one on her page so I thought I’d take a break and play. I have a slight disclaimer though: I’m too indecisive and my tastes too varied to ever have a true favorite anything. This list is just a few of the things that first came to mind.
Sport: Baseball. There is something intrinsically pleasing about sitting in a park, drinking a beer, eating a hot dog, and shouting at a bunch of husky men in tight clothing as they play on a beautiful sunny day. God bless Americana.
Yatzee Color: I don’t Yatzee. No particular reason, I just have never been introduced to the game. In Trivial Pursuit, though, I’m partial to the brown pie.
Movie: Hellboy. (For those of you familiar with my Star Wars addiction, see the above disclaimer.) Guillermo del Toro is a visual effects god, or at least a crazy artistry wizard. The richness of his movies is astounding. Hellboy is a comic book movie, no doubt, but Guillermo and the dedication of the actors makes it so much more. I love the characters, the blurry lines of good and evil, the humor, the pathos, and the way Guillermo serves it up. Few things are as beautiful as the image of the demon standing in the rain with his dead father’s crucifix wrapped around his wrist. Hellboy waves his hand in front of his face, “I can’t change this,” and you have to love him. And the sequel was so completely satisfying.
Broadway Play I've Seen: Spamalot! Pure joyous laughter.
Song: “Your Mouth Into Mine” by Black Francis. The song is his dedication to Herman Brood and it’s the song I would write and dedicate to him if I could do such things. “I got into your heart—it was no big deal.”
Favorite U.S. City Visited: I crazy fell in love with Chicago. I was ready to move when my friend suggested I visit her in the winter.
Favorite Foreign City Visited: I was blown away by Florence. Florence was the Italy I was looking for when I was disappointed by Rome. Rome is a big, dirty, metropolitan city. It is still a fantastic place, but I had romantic suppositions for it that it did not fulfill. I had no expectations for Florence, and there was the dreamy Italy I was looking for.
Book: The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan. (Again, see disclaimer.) This is one of those books that just grabbed hold of me. Its subject matter is so exotic yet so relatable. From cover to cover it had me entranced. It’s a lovely treat of a novel.
Children’s Book: Alexander and the Magic Mouse by Martha Sanders and illustrated by Phillip Fix. Oh, how I loved that alligator. The image of him practicing smiling extra wide so people would like him is indelibly etched in my mind. The illustrations are magical.
Classic TV Show: "A-Team." “I love it when a plan comes together.”
Recent TV Show: "Eureka." Funny and smart sci-fi. Not to mention a hunky leading man.
Actor: Richard Dean Anderson. MacGyver and Col. O’Neil—you can’t beat that!
Actress: Milla Jovovich. Kick ass, take names, rock those skin-tight futuristic costumes!
Perfume: I don’t wear perfume. I do sometimes use Bath and Body Works scented fig and brown sugar lotion.
Food: Rare ribeye with a side of garlic mashed potatoes, and sautéed mushrooms.
Dessert: My Mom’s homemade German chocolate cake.
Chain Restaurant: P.F. Chang’s
Local Restaurant: Bourbon Street. I’ve never had a bad meal there and I dream of their shrimp.
Car: I lust in my heart after James Bond’s most recent Aston Martin.
Condiment: Spicy mustard
Kitchen Appliance: Coffee maker, but of course.
Home Appliance: Washing machine. It’s been several years since I’ve had to carry to my laundry to a laundromat/community laundry room, and I’m still very happy about that.
Beauty Product: Chrome nail polish. It’s soooooo bitchin’.
Favorite Clothing: My long-sleeve Trinity University oversized shirt. Worn to perfect softness, it comforts me like an old friend.
HGTV Show: Design Star, I guess. Not so much with the HGTV.
Food Network show: Ace of Cakes. I love watching creative people being happy as they do something well. I’m sure Mary Alice and I would be best friends if we were to ever meet.
Author: Jasper Fforde is the latest to make that list. Hysterically clever.
Male Songwriter: Frank Black (a.k.a. Black Francis) “It’s like jelly roll, like sculpture.”
Holiday: Christmas. Food, family, peace on earth.
Christmas Ballet: I agree with Lee. Is there another one besides Nutcracker?
Disney Character: Lilo of Lilo and Stitch. I rarely identify so completely with a cartoon character.
Alcoholic Drink: Silo has an espresso martini that is crazy wonderful.
Non Alcoholic Drink: Grande soy vanilla latte
Magazine: Real Simple
Animated Movie: Wallace and Grommit: Curse of the Ware-Rabbit
Mini Series: Tin Man. A very fun retelling of The Wizard of Oz. I recommend it to the Netflixers.
Season: Crab
Male Vocalist: Paul Simon “Maybe it was a third world, maybe it was his first time around…”
(He and Frank were in a death match for songwriter, so I felt he should win something.)
Female Vocalist: Sheryl Crow “…come outside and join the human race, but I don’t feel so human.”
Musical Group: Artic Monkeys “There’s only new music so there’s new ring tones”
Day of Week: Tuesday
Household Chore: Seriously? Who likes household chores? Cleaning the mirrors, I guess.

Ice Cream: Brindle’s Azteca
Candy: Gummi Bears
Artist: Dale Chihouly
Quotation: “You need a million things, a million things will come to you.”—Yogi Bahjan
I’ve been repeating that one a lot recently.